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A stablecoin is a digital cash that is fully linked to fiat currency and can be used on the blockchain.
Our projects to issue stablecoins is in progress with financial institutions.
We're offering a new financial network where the world can connect freely.

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About Stablecoins

Amid the expanding digital economy, there is growing interest in RWA tokens (abbreviation for Real World Assets, meaning the tokenization of real-world assets). Targeting valuable real assets such as real estate, bonds, and gold, stablecoins are considered representative examples of RWAs, tokenizing fiat currency. Stablecoins linked to the US dollar already have about 20 trillion yen in circulation, and expectations for circulation are also rising in the Japanese market.

Simple, Low-Cost & Fast Transactions with Stablecoins

Benefit for Various Users

Benefit for business operators to use stablecoins

  • Significantly reduce transaction fees and transfer costs. The burden of funds transfer is reduced.
  • The competition among issuers for stablecoin customer acquisition will arise, leading to high benefit for businesses and consumers
  • It can seamlessly accommodate foreign currency payments, such as USD-backed stablecoins
  • Payments and transfers between multiple businesses, including local government, become smoother, enabling instant deposits
  • It can be used for exchanging digital assets like NFTs

Benefit for financial organizations to issue stablecoins

  • Increased investment income due to increase in own deposit accounts and deposit balances
  • Increased revenue from transaction fees and exchange fees
  • Expectations of inflows of funds from around the world through the issuance of foreign-currency stablecoins
  • Create opportunities for the utilization of new payment data, such as credit management data.
  • Significant reduction in the development and operating costs of banking transfer systems

Benefit to issue stablecoins on JOC

  • Suitable for financial institutions as it’s managed by approved operators who have undergone assessment and authorization.
  • Users can use the blockchain with confidence as it is based on the legal compliance.
  • Many experiences of the collaboration with financial organizations.
  • Faster transaction than the other blockchains.
  • It will allow us to connect with other applications in the future.

Potential Use Cases

  • Intercompany Payments

    A new method for cross-border transfers among companies, supplanting both the All Bank Network and SWIFT.
  • web3 Payment

    Primary payment methods in web3 payments, such as NFTs and RWA.
  • Payment

    All means of online payments replacing credit cards
  • ST & STO

    Trade of digital securities (ST, STO) issued on the blockchain
  • Local Currency

    Utilizing as a programmable digital currency, offering perks for specific usage, and enabling aggregation and tracking, serving as a regional currency.

Category of Stablecoins

In Japan, legislation related to stablecoins is advancing ahead of the world. To issue stablecoins in Japan, it is necessary to comply with these regulations.

CategoryDeposit Claim TypeSpecified Beneficial Interests in a Trust TypeUnmet Claim Type
IssuerBankTrust Bank
Bank Engaged in Trust Business
Funds Transfer Service Providers
Issuer's LicenseBanking License
(The Banking Act Article 4 Paragraph 1)
(The Trust Business Act Article 3 Paragraph1、Article7,Paragraph1)
Notification of Specified Trust Company
(Payment Services Act Article 37 -2 Paragraph3)
Funds Transfer Business Registration
(Payment Services Act Article 37,Paragraph 4)
Intermediary's LicenseElectronic Payment Handling Services
(The amended Banking Act Article 2,Paragraph 17)
Electronic Payment Instruments Services
(Amended Payment Services Act Article 2, Paragraph 10, Item 1-3)
Electronic Payment Instruments Services
(Amended Payment Services Act Article 2, Paragraph 10,Item 4)
Transfer Amount /Balance LimitationsUnlimitedTrust Bank: Unlimited Other than Trust
Bank: The Same as Funds Transfer Business
Transfer Amount: Up to 1 million yen
Balance Amount: Up to 1 million yen
User Protection in the Event of Issuer DefaultDeposit Insurance System (Deposit Insurance Act)
Can manage in the same way as a regular savings account.
Not covered by Deposit Insurance System
The obligation to manage the trust-segregated and entrusted monetary funds in a savings account in full.
Not covered by Deposit Insurance System
The obligation to preserve the full amount of user assets

Stablecoin Platform for Financial Institutions

G.U. Coin Studio is a stablecoin issuance and management system offered by G.U. Technologies for financial institutions. Through G.U. Coin Studio, issuance and circulation management of stablecoins on the Japan Open Chain, as well as integration with existing accounting and financial systems, can be conducted.

We are recruiting financial institutions & business operators interested in utilizing the stablecoin system,

In Japan and various countries, legislative efforts are underway to promote the safe utilization of blockchain technology. JOC and G.U. Technologies are focusing on integrating legal requirements with existing systems and operations of financial institutions, primarily centered around blockchain engineers and professionals in the financial industry domestically and internationally. We are committed to providing financial institutions with next-generation financial infrastructure. Financial institutions interested in utilizing stablecoin systems that meet legal requirements for inter-company or international transfers, salary payments, and businesses interested in leveraging stablecoins, are welcome to contact us for further information.