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JOC token is planned for an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on BitTrade in 2024.
About JOC Token
This token is currently not available for purchase or sale to anyone within Japan until it goes through the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) process with a registered cryptocurrency exchange approved by the Financial Services Agency (FSA). For more details, please refer to the following link.

Empower your web3 business

Japan Open Chain (JOC) is a project aimed at creating an open and transparently operated blockchain infrastructure in order for everyone around the world to use blockchain technology safely, securely, and practically. We look forward to your participation in the JOC community.

JOC News

Growth of the Project

JOC is operated by domestic and international companies, technology companies, as well as partners with a global community ownership. We are expanding our network to include Japan and the rest of the world.

  • Operating Partner(Validator)
  • Development Partner
  • Stablecoin
  • JOC Token Holder
  • Users
    • Operating Partner(Validator)

      Validates the transaction data on Japan Open Chain.

    • Development Partner

      Partners to develop and optimize Japan Open Chain.

      Interoperability Provider

      Index Service Provider

    • Stablecoin

      After the legal revisions in Japan in 2023, the foundation to issue stablecoins by banks has been established. We collaborate with the Japanese banks to provide the nex-gen financial system to users.

      About Stablecoins
    • JOC Token Holder

      We are planning to conduct an Initial Exchange Offering in 2024. Following the IEO, token holders can support JOC by holding the JOC token. The JOC token functions as a cryptocurrency and incurs a usage fee (gas fee) for transactions conducted on the Japan Open Chain.

      About JOC Token
    • Users

      JOC can be utilized across a wide variety of industries, providing benefits to users. Anyone around the world can join the JOC network.

      FinanceRegional RevitalizationTelecommunicationDistributionManufactureGame & EntertainmentMarketing

JOC Use Case

  • Bank-based Stablecoin

    Stablecoin Issuance on JOC with Japanese Banks and Trust Banks

    We are collaborating with Japanese Banks and Trust Banks to issue Bank-based Stablecoins, using G.U. Technologies' system. Currently, We are conducting proof-of-concept experiments on JOC for the eventual production issuance. Stablecoins are expected to gain popularity as a means of payment for corporate transactions and international transfers due to their cost-efficiency and speed compared to cash settlements.

  • Regional Revitalization with NFTs

    NFT e-Residency on JOC with Kaga City

    Kaga City in Ishikawa Prefecture issued an original NFT e-Residency as Kaga Citizen Digital Certificate on JOC. The project is aimed at increasing the population of individuals related to Kaga City. As a blockchain infrastructure ideally suited for regional revitalization projects undertaken by municipalities and corporations, JOC operates in cooperation with Japanese companies under the framework of Japanese laws and regulations.

JOC Dashboard

JOC Dashboard is a web application accessible to all JOC users. Within the platform, users can view their token balance and the NFTs they possess, and access services designed to assist in the development of dApps and NFTs.

JOC Documentation

We keep updating our documentation page to help you learn more about web3 and JOC.