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web3 business

Ethereum compatible blockchain for web3 business with stability, high-speed, and legal compliance. We deliver blockchain technologies that enable secure business along with trusted companies for social issues.

About the Sale and Purchase of Tokens
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    Japan Open Chain partner offers support services to those who are considering providing and developing web3 service

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    Dashboard is available for those who are willing to learn web3 business or develop blockchain
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    For those who are willing to build an alliance with us under the purpose of using Japan Open Chain or to connect to our chain, please contact us from the following.


About Japan Open Chain

  • Japan Open Chain is a hub for the people who are considering starting a web3 business that abides by the law by practically using the blockchain technology. Allow us to jointly create a smooth society together with Japan Open Chain community members. To start with, get the membership NFT by accessing the Japan Open Chain dashboard.

Rediscover the world by Blockchain.

Discover the world again with reliable crypto assets and blockchain that anyone can use with ease.

Demonstration experiments using blockchain in all types of industries and business categories such as NFT issue and transaction, ERC20 platform operation, local currency issue, stable coin issue, and etc, are now beginning. Japan Open Chain was set out to enable everyone to enjoy the new innovations of Ethereum blockchain with high-speed, reasonable and legally secured environment.

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