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About the Sale and Purchase of Tokens

This token is currently being prepared for purchase through an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) at a cryptocurrency exchange service provider that is officially registered with the Financial Services Agency. Therefore, at this time, the token cannot be sold or purchased in Japan by anyone.

We will contact you again when we are able to sell it in Japan after going through the proper procedures and meeting the legal requirements.

Even if someone you meet on social media or elsewhere recommends purchasing this token, please be aware that it is currently not possible to sell this token in Japan and we urge you to be cautious.

Official information about this token and official seminars, etc., will only be disseminated through our official website and social media accounts. We ask you to confirm the information from these sources.

For those who wish to use the Japan Open Chain for development purposes, you can currently acquire one token free of charge.

In our project, we prioritize the safety of investors' assets and information and strive to provide accurate and fair information.