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Validator List

Validators are the operators of a node server who sign the blockchain. The blockchain ensures the credibility of blockchain data with Validators verifying mutually.

The number of Validators are expected to increase up to 21 companies, and network participant companies to expand around 100 by phase 3.

Consortium Management

Validator List


  • CORGEAR, a startup within the Sony Group, is a group of creators and technologists committed to achieving social innovation through solving community challenges.


  • DENTSU INC. provides advertising, marketing and other services, and aims to contribute to the success of our clients' brands and businesses through the use of various media, technologies and design.

G.U.Technologies Inc.

  • G.U.Technologies Inc. aims to create a free and happy society for everyone with rich ideas and solid technologies for the new digital revolutionary era where finance and information are fused together by blockchain.

Minna Bank Co., Ltd.

  • Minna Bank Co., Ltd. is a digital bank that operates entirely through smartphones. As a "connecting entity” that links people, things, money, and information in society, we create new value through providing "new financial functions."

NTT Communications Corporation

  • NTT Communications, as a core company of the corporate business in the DOCOMO Group, will provide value by transforming the structure of society and industry on a global level, creating new work styles, and supporting DX in local communities.


  • OPTAGE provides telecommunications services based on its independent optical fiber network distributed and offers integrated solutions that seamlessly combine information and communication.

pixiv Inc.

  • pixiv Inc. provides platform and content services that make creative activities more fun for creators around the world.

Kyoto University of Arts

  • "Straightforward art that loves nature and people." The school attracts highly motivated students from Japan and around the world, ranging in age from 18 to 92. With over 8,500 students, it is the largest art college in Japan.


Japan Open Chain ties up with Ethereum Foundation and forms a cooperative relationship with Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, of which world’s leading companies are members. Each working group is advancing research on Enterprise Ethereum and able to have technological advice from development members.