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Network Expansion and Operational Roadmap

Japan Open Chain plans to expand its network and increase its operational decentralization in several phases. Please note that the policy for each phase may change according to the situation. We have already completed up to Phase 2 and are currently implementing Phase 3.

Phase 0-2 (Launch Phase)

  • Key activities in this phase included the development of our network, testnet operations, and the mainnet's inauguration. This phase has already been completed.

Phase 3 (Official Release Phase)

  • Purpose: Developing an accessible environment for the general public to utilize the chain.
  • Policy: Opening the Endpoint to the general public, expanding node providers, growing the ecosystem, and enhancing the liquidity of the fee tokens, all aimed at broadening our user base.

Phase 4 and beyond

  • Purpose: Expanding the scale and decentralization of the ecosystem to enhance the robustness and stability of the blockchain network.
  • Policy: Collaborating with web3 application providers globally, developing tools to enhance usability, undertaking technical research and development to enhance network robustness and stability, and reinforcing governance measures.