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Project Team

Japan Blockchain Foundation Inc. was established with the purpose of auditing and disclosing the project's status, as well as promoting the development of a robust ecosystem for Japan Open Chain,and will be the administrator of the project. Japan Blockchain Foundation Inc. will apply to the Japanese Financial Services Agency for IEO status and become the official management company of the project and tokens in Japan.The actual operation of the blockchain will be carried out by the Validators and the project's members and ecosystem. Japan Blockchain Foundation Inc. will assume the role of a coordinator in this context.

Japan Open Chain Project is composed of well-known Japanese companies with a high degree of trust in Japan, including NTT Group, SONY Group, Dentsu Group, universities, and other publicly listed companies that are among the top 10 in Japan in terms of revenue. In order to ensure the diversity of the validators, we also plan to bring in crypto-asset related companies and start-ups that can contribute to the ecosystem and have some credibility as validators and project members in the future.

■Japan Blockchain Foundation Inc.

  • Representative Director: Hidekazu Kondo
  • Establishment Date: July 2022
  • Head Office: 26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • URL: