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Developer Hub

JOC is accessible for everyone around the world

Japan Open Chain offers a range of development support services for developers who are engaged in chain selection and are planning to develop dApps.

How to Use

You can learn about how to use JOC in the following contents.

Development on JOC

Check out Japan Open Chain's mainnet and testnet at these links.

  • Mainnet

    The official mainnet of Japan Open Chain.

  • Testnet

    The official testnet of Japan Open Chain.

  • Testnet

    The testnet provided by G.U. Technologies, Inc.

Benefits of building web3 services on JOC

  • Fully Ethereum-Compatible

    Japan Open Chain is fully compatible with Ethereum, and it allows you to implement any existing dApps and smart contracts.

  • Fast & Low-Cost

    As a Layer 1 side-chain, it delivers high processing speeds and offers low transaction fees.

  • Use with Confidene

    JOC is operated by reputable Japanese companies in compliance with Japanese law, and offers secure and stable blockchain infrastructure that businesses can use with confidence.

JOC Dashboard

JOC Dashboard is a web application accessible to all JOC users. Within the platform, users can view their token balance and the NFTs they possess, and access services designed to assist in the development of dApps and NFTs.

JOC Documentation

We keep updating our documentation page to help you learn more about web3 and JOC.

Development Resources

  • JOC Native

    G.U. Wallet is an Ethereum-compatible web3 wallet equipped with world-standard features that allow for the easy and safe storage and exchange of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

  • JOC Native

    Lunascape, developed by G.U. Labs, is a Japanese web3 browser with an Ethereum-Compatible Wallet, serving 20 million users. It offers fast performance, robust security, and effective ad-blocking features.

  • Ethereum Compatible

    MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with Ethereum blockchain. It can be used on JOC.

  • G.U. Blockchain Cloud is a cloud service that allows you to build and operate a fully-fledged Ethereum-compatible blockchain. It can be initially implemented in three simple steps, eliminating the need for blockchain engineers and enabling easy and cost-effective development and operation of your own blockchain.

  • G.U. Token Studio is an enterprise-level NFT issuance and management system that can be easily and cost-effectively utilized without coding. It is being expanded to serve as an all-in-one tool for NFT businesses, including NFT issuance, NFT bridge, and NFT sales functionality, covering the entire process from issuance to operation.