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Procedure for Connecting to JOC Mainnet

This document describes the procedure for setting up a Geth node in the user environment and connecting to the Japan Open Chain Mainnet. Please refer here if you wish to use RPC Endpoints for connecting dApps.

The flow to connection is as follows:

1. Installation of Geth

Install Geth on the source PC. ( Confirmed to work up to Geth ver 1.13.5 )

2. Initial Settings

Create a data directory in any directory. Here, it is called "data".

$ mkdir data

Create a "genesis.json" in the created data directory to describe block information.

$ sudo vi data/genesis.json

The content of genesis.json is provided separately in a file.

3. Initialization of Geth

Initialize Geth. Execute the following command to specify the created genesis.json.

$ geth init --datadir data data/genesis.json

4. Synchronization

Synchronize with the target node. If you want to connect to node-1, execute the following command.

$ geth --datadir data --networkid=81
5@" -http.api
"clique,personal,eth,net,web3,miner,admin" --http.corsdomain="*" --http
--http.addr="" --http.port=8546 --snapshot=false --syncmode="full"

The parameters of the testnet are as follows:

NodeNetwork IDenode
G.U.Technologies Transaction Cluster-node-181enode://d4c1196326527c13cb318fb062571d9ae25393cbaa06222b3e57ca6407eeac550cf0fd148250282fdcb48e64877f3451d7a8cca281d9a0364c5739462976dfb5@
G.U.Technologies Transaction Cluster-node-281enode://a0662a1fb5d0b707c527355e03a59b1b5a63ffef76a3a758b2a0696c3f9e6205361db55906b91cdaa455c879aa8eb725536414fb0046990cc9e3611f4b130ef1@
JBFD Endpoint Cluster-node-181enode://fcaa8046c7a81525882c409f70de7fcd3b9eab1fb4c8361fc62bc4d97459a619bedcc274d04212bf7631be6873b8547bf87e0057a4243da5919d15d58e42ab8c@

5. Verification

You can verify the synchronization state as follows. If the message "Looking for peers" continues, you may not be properly connected, so please check your synchronization command and network environment.