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Japan Open Chain plans to expand its network and decentralization in phases. Currently we are now in phase 1.

Phase 1

Demonstration Experiment Launch Phase

  • Starting the demonstration experiment in order to bring deeper knowledge and insights on network operation

Phase 2

Validator Expansion Phase

  • Aim to expand the number of Validator up to 21 in order to improve the decentralization of network operation
  • At the same time, start the connection by non-Validator

Phase 3

Public Phase

  • Open the Endpoint to the public (anyone in the world can connect)
  • Liquidation of Token

Phase 4

Decentralization Expansion Phase

  • Improve the decentralization of server operation and private key management to better diversify the risks at the time of geographic security incidents in terms of network operation.

Phase 5

Complete Decentralization Phase

  • Establish the network management organization, if possible, and transfer to a complete decentralization system by 21 nodes