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About Japan Open Chain

Japan Open Chain is an Ethereum-compatible public endpoint blockchain consortium network designed to build Ethereum-compatible chains that are safe and most suitable for Japanese individuals and businesses to use.

Blockchain technology is fast-evolving while the market is rapidly expanding, with market scale reaching several 10 trillion around the world. Ethereum, which is following Bitcoin in total market value and having world’s largest participants and community, is now drawing a great deal of attention.

Since Bitcoin came along, blockchain technology has been the focus of attention for its decentralized database technology and innovation. Ethereum, however, has further elevated it to a decentralized computing environment and brought about an exponential revolution to the world.

Ethereum has been developed by the excellent community around the world, one of the most used open node Ethereum compatible networks is called the mainnet. Ethereum mainnet is reaching about 10 trillion market value and currently used by several 100 thousand people around the world.

On the other hand, Ethereum mainnet has huge problems, such as extremely slow transaction speed (about 15 tps), hyper high cost (several thousand yen per 1 ETH, as of Oct 29, 2021) and etc. This is a major barrier for the people around the world to appreciate the blockchain renovation.

Therefore, Japan Open Chain was created to build the world which is much easier to do the blockchain business by launching the chain with the high transaction speed of 1000 tps, offering low cost, being compliant with the Japanese law system and transparent chain.

This chain is open to the public for general use as well as corporate use. It is available not only in Japan but also around the world. For more details, please refer to the following contents.

  • For building
    web3 business

    Japan Open Chain partner offers support services to those who are considering providing and developing web3 service

  • Join Japan Open Chain Community

    Dashboard is available for those who are willing to learn web3 business or develop blockchain

  • For business
    alliance with us

    For those who are willing to build an alliance with us under the purpose of using Japan Open Chain or to connect to our chain, please contact us from the following.